Hyperhuman Tattoo was founded in 2019 as Vienna’s first tattoo studio focusing on ignorant style and contemporary tattooing. The team consists of five resident artists and our indespensable shopmanager. Our artists come from a mixed background of graphic design, art, music and graffiti. We are also host to many of the top contemporary tattoo artists from around the world who guest at our studio while in Vienna.

Hyperhuman provides a safe space for LGBTQI+ and BIPoC. Racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, body shaming, antisemitism and any other form of discrimination won’t be tolerated at our studio. We appreciate the trust that is given to us and strive to provide comfortable and safe surroundings for all our customers at all times.

At Hyperhuman you will find a highly professional and clean work environment with a strict level of hygiene. We work only with the newest REACH compliant vegan inks.

Studio Image